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Jobs:Hardware Test Engineer
Published: 2015-02-16

Job description:

1) reliability test is responsible for the motherboard and the whole testing and component.

2) responsible for verification for hardware test tools and test technology

3) hardware test environment, timely tracking and feedback to discover problems, analyze and solve problems

4) in order to ensure that the hardware test specification and the validity, assist supervisor to complete the test standard and test cases

5) to complete the daily work of maintenance of laboratory, including welding device, fly line, circuit board repair and instrument

6) responsible for CTA, storage machine rectification and send test preparation and testing

7) assist the supervisor to complete the test case and the perfection of the department work matters; timely detection of hardware testing work unreasonable place, and timely and hardware engineer or supervisor to communicate;


Position requirements:

1 College of communications, electronics and related professional,

2 understand the mobile phone hardware structure and working principle

3 familiar with hardware testing method, skilled use of CMU, 8960, CMW500, IQ201X, programmable power supply, and the reliability of the equipment and other instruments

4 understand the 3GPP protocol, and can carry on the related indexes of RF environment to build, test

5 years working experience in hardware development or testing

6 hardware testing experience is preferred

Jobs:Project Assistant
Published: 2015-02-16

Position: Project Assistant, tag document engineer, BOM engineer, assistant

Job responsibilities: Document Engineer Technical Clerk / Assistant

Job description:

1, college degree or above;

2, familiar with office software, proficient in EXCEL; understanding of mobile phone related knowledge, familiar with word processing and typesetting, good ability of English writing.

3, practical, clear thinking, has the sense of responsibility;

4 mobile phone industry experience is preferred, engaged in the documentation process priority, interested in the mobile phone also is preferred


Jobs:The project manager
Published: 2015-02-16

Job title: project manager project execution / Coordinator

Job description:

1, responsible for the management and control of the whole process of project. Including the establishment, development, trial production and batch

2, plans for the project is responsible for the management and coordination of external customer resources; and the internal resources of the company, ensure the smooth implementation of the project according to plan.

3, to solve the problem of customer feedback is responsible for tracking.

4, in charge of project procurement management and support. Includes sample supply, public material status tracking, customer BOM confirmation, purchase communication and homogeneous set of tracking confirmation.

Coordination support 5, responsible for the project. Including all aspects of project development, production, production, CTA in the life cycle of coordination and support. To ensure the smooth progress of the project.

Receive and manage 6, customer demand, analysis and judgment according to the importance degree of customer and the actual situation of different needs, combined with the internal resources of the company, feedback and tracking solutions to customer demand.


Job requirements:

More than 1, Bachelor degree.

2, there are more than a year of communication or electronics related experience, familiar with the MTK platform for mobile phone development, production process, structure and technology is preferred.

3, a strong customer cooperation negotiations and planning experience.

4, have good communication skills and teamwork spirit, can coordinate the project good member relationship.

5, intelligent machine project manager working experience is preferred.


Jobs:The production line of Tool Development Engineer
Published: 2015-02-16

The main content of the work: GSM, WCDMA, TD, EVDO, LTE, WIFI, BT platform of production line tools development and maintenance, the need for appropriate to the factory business support.

1, responsible for testing software tool for the development of research and development, in order to improve the efficiency and capability of R & d;

2, mobile phone production test software tools development, and ensure the tool in the production line running correctly and stability, to ensure the quality of products;

3, responsible for mobile phone products into the factory test, solve the problem in the link of development tools;

4, responsible for the factory processing mobile phone Engineer training;

Development and maintenance of 5, responsible for research and development of information system;

6, responsible for client development, repair tools;


Job requirements:

1 college degree or above, computer, electronic communications and other related professional;

2 there are certain software development capabilities and interested in hardware electronic circuits, wireless communication.

3 GSM, WCDMA, TD, EVDO, LTE, WIFI, BT and other production line test software development experience is preferred, more than three years work experience;

4 familiar with Visual C++, C#, Labwindows compiler tools is preferred;

5 university English level Four, there is a strong English reading ability;

6 familiar with SqlServer, Oracle database is preferred;

Published: 2015-02-16

Job description: general ledger accounting

Job responsibilities:

1, responsible for financial accounting and financial business management;

2, responsible for the financial status and operating funds, timely and accurate financial data analysis, provide support for the company, and put forward constructive comments or suggestions;

The relationship between the 3, coordinate with tax, industry and commerce, and other relevant units, and safeguard the interests of the company;

Other tasks assigned by the leadership, 4.


Qualification requirements:

1, bachelor degree or above, finance, financial, accounting and other related professional, intermediate above title;

2, above 5 years finance work experience, can the independent processing company overall accounts, with software industry experience is preferred;

3, skilled use of Kingdee, UFIDA financial software;

4, with comprehensive financial professional knowledge and strong financial analysis capability;

5, familiar with high-tech, soft enterprise accounting standards and Shanghai tax tax program, with an independent Unit company is responsible for the accounting and tax planning practice ability;

6, the strong writing expression, analysis ability, working initiative is strong, with certain working pressure, good stability

Jobs:Structural engineer
Published: 2015-02-16

Job description:

Related work 1 3 years experience in mobile phone structure;

2, according to the market and product demand, and evaluation of mobile phone hardware engineer together new stacking scheme, can according to customer feedback and timely adjustment of the stack;

3, there is a certain ID and the whole concept of aesthetics, can on the whole reasonable suggestions are stacked, the whole structure experience is preferred;

4, strong communication skills, can find a reasonable scheme in the stack and market, customer communication, hardware;

5, work carefully, active, serious and responsible, have strong resistance.

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